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euro4new1Ceylon Petroleum Corporation has stated that they will supply environmental friendly Euro 4 standard fuel stock needed for a month to filling stations.

CPC has stated that they will supply Euro 4 Petrol (95 Octane) and Super Diesel for the current existing price. It doesn’t affect Petrol (92 Octane) and to Auto Diesel to leave the market. Euro 4 fuel will be introduce at 10 am in C.F.De Mel filling station, Sir Chittampalam A. Gardnier Mawatha, 2nd July.


 - Media Unit - Minister Office

Current Local Fuel Prices





Petrol 92 Octane : Rs. 450.00 Per Litre

Petrol 95 Octane : Rs. 540.00 Per Litre

Auto Diesel : Rs. 440.00 Per Litre

Lanka Super Diesel : Rs. 510.00 Per Litre

Lanka Industrial Kerosene : 399.00

Kerosene : Rs 87.00 Per Litre


Source : Ceylon Petroleum Corporation