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We are putting a great efforts to solve this matter by way of discussions rather than halt of issuing fuel to Sri Lankan, Minister of Petroleum Resources Development Arjuna Ranatunga said. He made this reviews attending an event in Veyangoda, Dadagamuwa Rajamaha Viharaya.

Responding the queries arose by journalists as to the decision of halt of issuing aviation fuel on credit to Sri Lankan Airlines from Wednesday, if they don’t settle the due amount, he stated that they are carrying discussions regarding this.

“Sri Lankan has accrued huge amount of money to CPC. We made discussions with Sri Lankan. Even they agreed to make payments during the discussions, they failed to make payments. If the discussions with Secretaries of the Ministries also fail, As the Subject Minister I have to discuss with the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation. If it will fail, we have to inform to the cabinet and take a better decision. We have to save the Sri Lanka Airline since it is a government institution. In the previous time, there were court cases between governmental institutions. But now the President and the PM advised to solve issues between governmental institutions by way of discussions. If we stop issuing fuel to Sri Lankan, it will be a big problem” Minister added further.


 - Media Unit - Minister Office


Current Local Fuel Prices





Petrol 92 Octane : Rs. 450.00 Per Litre

Petrol 95 Octane : Rs. 540.00 Per Litre

Auto Diesel : Rs. 440.00 Per Litre

Lanka Super Diesel : Rs. 510.00 Per Litre

Lanka Industrial Kerosene : 399.00

Kerosene : Rs 87.00 Per Litre


Source : Ceylon Petroleum Corporation