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Responding the Parliamentarian Bimal Rathnayaka, Minister of Petroleum Resources Development Arjuna Ranatunga stated that he won’t grant Trincomalee oil tanks to an Indian oil company. He made this reviews at the occasion of providing relief to the workers of CPC who were politically revenged. He stated that his principal is not to betray to the country’s betterment. He aimed to develop the tank terminal for the betterment of the country.

“We are always trying make corrections, if we have done a mistake. We were administered Ceylon Petroleum Corporation properly, last year. After we came into power, we have ceased corruptions and illicit fuel mixing which were occurred earlier. Parliamentarian Bimal Rathnayaka blamed me for selling Trinco oil tanks to an Indian company at a Press conference, recently” Minister stated.

“Even Trinco oil tanks were granted to an Indian company in 2013, they have not done a mere development. Indian Oil Company making profits by the Trico oil tanks terminal. JVP could change the agreement together with the Ex-President Chandrika Bandaranayaka if there were mistakes in 2013. I’m taking steps to change the agreement as beneficial to the country. Indian Oil Company is using15 tanks. Cabinet has approved to establish a public institution join hands with the CPC to develop other 16 tanks. Rest of 69 tanks will be operated by a joint venture” Minister added.

“I could neglect this tank terminal since we have 2 years. But I have not done so for the betterment of the country”

“We should develop the tank terminal. Agreement was signed during the war time. If we have not granted it to an Indian company, it would have ruined by LTTE. Please look into this matter with a good eye. A worker of CPC who is a member of Pradeshiya Sabawa accused us of theft. Previous Investigation unit officers have engaged in corruptions. We have re-organized the Investigation unit. As a result of this, Fuel mixing complaints are reduced. Secretary and I are aware of the difficulties face by us and the attempts of external parties to bring forward a third party. We can’t work as others desires” Minister added further.


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Current Local Fuel Prices





Petrol 92 Octane : Rs. 370.00 Per Litre

Petrol 95 Octane : Rs. 510.00 Per Litre

Auto Diesel : Rs. 405.00 Per Litre

Lanka Super Diesel : Rs. 510.00 Per Litre

Lanka Industrial Kerosene : 464.00

Kerosene : Rs 355.00 Per Litre


Source : Ceylon Petroleum Corporation