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“Minister Arjuna Ranatunga stated that it’s not necessary to sell oil tanks which are not in use. He is taking steps to develop the tank complex together with investors. He further stated that he always enter into agreements which are beneficial to the country. Minister Ranatunga stated that Trincomalee tank complex was given to India in 2003 and he’s trying to get few tanks under their control.


“Sri Lankan government has entered into an agreement with India to lease the tank complex in 2003. There’s a condition stated that a monetary contract should be signed which was not took place properly. I can’t disclose all details because there’s an ongoing court case. When I took over this ministerial position, tank complex was using by India. 15 tanks were using by India. 18 tanks were deteriorated without usage. Then I decided to present a cabinet paper regarding this matter. Trinco oil tank complex land is owned by Sri Lankan government. Under the cabinet paper, we have requested to enter into a new agreement retaining the land ownership with us, to grant 15 tanks to India and the rest of 85 tanks will be administered by a joint venture together with CPC and Indian Oil Company for a limited period. I also presented a cabinet a paper to acquire 16 tanks out of it. We expect to distribute fuel to vessels in northern east” Ranatunga added.


“Several politicians were accused of selling tank terminal. They could not change the agreement when they were in power. A union leader who was accusing, has been sacked for 9 mistakes. He has worked as a union leader during the previous regime. He could change these during the previous regime. I saw that they threatened they will go for a strike. I’m ready for it. I will take immediate actions against public inconvenience. I have increased 30% of salary to the workers of CPC and CPSTL during my tenure. There are some groups who dislike to develop tank complex. Before my tenure, oil transportation done to northern east using bowsers. It is advantageous to owners of bowsers. If we can acquire 16 tanks, it will be advantageous to CPC” Minister added further.

Media Unit - Minister Office

Current Local Fuel Prices





Petrol 92 Octane : Rs. 370.00 Per Litre

Petrol 95 Octane : Rs. 510.00 Per Litre

Auto Diesel : Rs. 405.00 Per Litre

Lanka Super Diesel : Rs. 510.00 Per Litre

Lanka Industrial Kerosene : 464.00

Kerosene : Rs 355.00 Per Litre


Source : Ceylon Petroleum Corporation